We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Letters from Rainbow Bridge Holiday Tips: You're Going to Get Through This


Dear Jack,

As the holidays draw near, I find myself terrified of listening to old songs or following normal traditions like putting up the tree and buying presents. I seem OK to my family and friends because I pretend that I’m OK. I want to do these things, but at the same time, I’m terrified of all they will remind me of. My baby was always the happiest when we did these things. We now have a new furry angel in our lives but I still miss him so much. How do I get through the holidays without breaking down into a million pieces?

Dear One, 

I normally suggest that you Stay in Your Truth most of the time. However, if you have to pretend a bit to get through the upcoming holidays, you have to pretend. It can actually help to “Fake It ‘Till You Make It”. Going through the motions is far better for healing than not facing the reality of it at all.

Sometimes having something subtle, perhaps a comfort stone or a piece of jewelry, a crystal, a tattoo, something tangible helps to defer the anxiety and nervous energy. It’s okay to talk about your grief too, but not too much to those who simply don’t understand. It can also be quite handy to excuse oneself and go to bed early. That’s okay to a point. Balance is the key. Balance the holiday and balance yourself as you move forward to the next anniversary without your friend. Balance is a key to all healing. Time and faith will take care of the rest.

Creating new traditions is also a very good way to move forward and to honor us at the same time. Just try to keep it positive. Keep moving forward. Find some kind of joy in the season, even if you have to put a gift under the tree to you from your fur angel.

Love, Jack

From our latest book "Letters from Rainbow Bridge" which you can find here. 

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The Blind Will See Again...

 Dear Jack, 

We got our girl at three weeks old. She lived to be 13. She went everywhere with us. She went blind and I was her sole caregiver. She got cancer; we went to the vet every other month. It all caught up with her and she ended up crossing over at the Emergency Vet because she was hurting. While driving to the Emergency, she looked at each of us in the car as if she was no longer blind. It was weird. She took several minutes to stare at us. Could she see? Did she see us?


Dear One, 

Your girl was letting you know that she was preparing for her leaving. She was already on the way to being restored to perfection. The closer we get to leaving this cumbersome earthly body the more able we are to show you who we really are. The immortal healthy beautiful shining spirit that is seen through the eyes. As they say, "The Eyes are the Windows of the Soul" and it is no mistake that you saw this clearly in her eyes. She was and is in communication with you all the time. She knows what a beautiful life she has had with you. 

Life is always teaching us through change and loss. When we’ve grown from it, when we have faith and when we learn to convert fear to love, we know we have learned the lesson that loss came to teach us. 

You may find this hard to believe, but our story does not end. Life does not end. The end of this life is not the end of life at all. It is impossible to describe how beautiful this is, this experience of death and dying. If I could hold a pen to write the words, and if there were words in existence that were beautiful enough to describe this place called Heaven, I would strive to find the words so that you would never be afraid of it again.

                                                                                               Love, Jack 🐾

Gone Only From View: A Love Poem

 Do you think that I am far from you?

 I feel your thoughts, I know your heart.

I am not far away at all. I'm closer than you would believe! 

You think if you stop grieving that you will somehow lose me.

You're afraid that if you love again,

That you will grow away from me.

You can never lose me!

Your soul has grown right into mine.

Spun together; 

A tapestry of our life and love. 

You cannot lose what has become

A vital part of you. 

Someday you'll see that I was with you all along the way.

You'll then regret the time you spent

Wasting many thoughtful tears

And grieving for so many years!

But while you cannot see that now,

You'll find out what you think you lost

You never lost at all.

I am merely gone from view. 

I am here;

I'm here beside you

Waiting for the Chosen Time

When you will see and touch and feel me

As I run into your arms again. 

by Jack McAfghan and Kate

About Our Books

No one would ever believe that a dog can heal someone's grief and even bring someone back into having faith in God again after pet loss, but Jack can. The books in the Jack McAfghan Trilogy are not "How To" books. They are true stories based on real events. Each book tells a different story with pearls of wisdom and morals in each chapter. Chapters are short and typefonts are large to allow the reader to process the lessons in each chapter.  

Book 1, "Reflections: A Dog's Memoir on Life and the Afterlife" makes it easy to heal your grief. Read along with Jack and Kate -- take a little walk together through the grief process -- and you will find that as Kate heals you will heal too. It's that simple. 

Book 2, "The Lizard from Rainbow Bridge" teaches you how to recognize signs and angels when they make themselves known in your life -- and also teaches the power and importance of love and forgiveness.

Book 3, "Return from Rainbow Bridge" revisits a bit of the grief and then opens your mind to the possibilities that exist on both sides of the Rainbow Bridge which connects those on earth with the ones they love on the Other Side, in Heaven. Each one of Jack's books has a happy ending.   

If you prefer a non-fiction Guide to Healing Pet Loss, Book 4 "Only Gone From Your Sight" will walk you through all the stages of grief and bring you out the other side of it. It is written as a love letter from your best friend to you about all facets of grief, loss and living again.  

Each book is carefully crafted to heal your heart, open your mind and teach you new ways of looking at life, love and loss.  Life is the school love is the lesson and Jack and Kate are your teachers in this Class of Love and learning to live with loss.  

All books are available on Amazon Worldwide in paperback, Kindle and always free on Kindle Unlimited. Printed copies are available through your favorite bookseller. Book 1, "Reflections" is also available in LARGE PRINT. We don't want anyone to miss out on the healing power of Jack!

Join Jack on a journey to Rainbow Bridge and back again. Heal your heart, learn to recognize the signs and strengthen your faith beyond anything you knew was possible.  Our story is your story too.  


How Do I Know When To Get Another Pet?

  How do you know when a new pet is right for you? Have you found one and are now agonizing over the decision? Agonizing over it probably means the time isn't right, or the pet isn't the right one. 

Remember that everything feels right when a new pet is right for you. You will be put in the right place at the right time. The process is smooth and easy. Sometimes the pet will come to you without your having to do anything.  You usually feel it in your heart when its right. The price is always right because you want that pet and you will pay the price. 

Read Chapter 4 in my book. Kate went through the same dilemma. There is nothing worse than regretting this kind of decision. Of course you will have the normal What If's and perhaps some fear of commitment but there will be an underlying confidence that this is the pet for you. 

Try not to be too stressed about it. There are many many pets available out there and there will always be another opportunity. The timing will always be right. Let your heart and soul lead you to the one that's meant for you. Let your heart lead the way...not your head... or what someone else thinks.

Thank you for wanting to love again. We love you the way we do so that you will miss the love when we are gone (from your sight) and so that you will seek it again. After all, love is what makes everything else worthwhile. 

Jack McAfghan: Reflections on Life with my Master can be found on Amazon Worldwide.

Holidays and Grief: The Anniversaries of the Heart




Chapter 38 



Every grieving mother knows how old her child would be today. You probably know how old I would be now and how long I’ve been gone. The heart remembers everything. You are connected to me by the love that we share, a love that tugs at your heartstrings at special times. You might find yourself thinking about me continuously one day. You just can’t get me out of your mind! Maybe you even have a dream of me or receive an extraordinary sign. You look at the calendar and realize that it is the anniversary of my passing or my birthday. The heart remembers everything. 


“One day without him...” 

“He was still here this time last week.” 

“I’ve made it through the first two weeks.” 

“I can’t believe she’s been gone a month.” 

“It’s been 2 months, 2 days, 7 hours, 35 minutes.” 

“3 months have passed now.” 

“4 months.” 

“5 months...152 days” 

“I’m coming up on 6 months.” 

“It’s my first holiday alone.” 

“This would have been her birthday.” 


We’ve been through one round of all the anniversaries of the heart. 365 days of “first times.” Oh, but it’s still complicated isn’t it? Leaving the first year behind, it’s like we lose that too.

The anniversaries will keep coming. There will be days when you just aren’t feeling so strong. Maybe you go a park or a restaurant where we used to go and even though you might have a new friend with you, you are filled with tears and memories of our days together. It’s okay. Let them come. Those were the days my friend... 


Creating new traditions is a very good way to move forward, to honor me and to honor the special days of the year. Sometimes you need to create new traditions for yourself when you are faced with loss---or if you are struggling with family issues and disappointments. 


Anniversaries and holidays can be difficult at best when your life feels empty or incomplete. One of the things you can do for yourself during these times is to celebrate the life we shared. Do not mourn my loss. Celebrate my life. Create a lovely altar, light a candle. Say your prayers. Invite me to visit you. Talk to me. Tell me about your hopes and dreams. Reflect on the good times. Tell me you love me over and over again. Soak in the happy times of being blessed by someone in your life who loved you and who loves you still. Someone who taught you the meaning of love, not fear. Celebrate our love. Know that love never dies. 


When you are visiting people over the holidays who might not understand what you are going through, take something tangible and subtle with you; something that you can wear or hold in your hand when you are you are longing to be with me instead of them. It's okay to talk about it if it feels like the right thing to do for you. It’s okay to not want to talk about too. Just tell them that. It can also be quite handy to excuse yourself so you can go to bed early. That's okay to a point too. You have a very good reason and you are learning at last to take care of yourself. Balance the holiday and try to stay balanced within yourself as you move forward to the next anniversary without me. 


Balance is the key to all healing. Time and support will take care of the rest. 

When you are surrounded by joy and celebration it can actually make you feel worse when you feel worse. If you want to avoid parties and celebrations altogether you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or some other charity event. It often helps one to feel better when they help people less fortunate. You can also opt to stay home, but I will be hoping that one day you will be willing to share the holiday with someone you love and trust. Someone who lets you be you. Go easy on yourself. 


"The first of every month would loom ominously. She braced herself every time a new month approached. The August 1 anniversary was tough. Then a funny thing happened. December 1 arrived; sixteen months. The day came and went. On December 2 she realized she had not noticed. She felt guilty at first until she realized it was a sign of her healing. My life was the important thing and our relationship, now on new terms, was all that mattered. She forgot February 1 too! And March! She didn’t remember until after a whole week had passed! Who knew what would happen on April Fool’s Day? Well! She fooled me and remembered! This is how it will happen for you too, in your own time and in your own way."
Return from Rainbow Bridge, Chapter 62


Michelle Has a Poppy and Then Finds Another Poppie from Another Woman Named Michelle

I got Poppy from a farm not far from me; from a really old couple who were farmers. Her mum, he herded sheep. They said "Don't go for the quiet pup at the back," but I did. I just loved her. We went back to get her two weeks later and bought her back home aged 8 weeks old.

She was a very destructive puppy, walked terrible on her lead, but when I took her into the fields, she was a different dog, she became my best friend, she understood the whistles I did. One whistle for stop, two to come back etc.  She grew into a dog that sat by me all day , if I went to the bathroom she would wait outside the door. She was my shadow.

At age 11 she developed a limp, I had it checked out, which disturbed her as she had to stay at the vets, because she fretted for me. I got the dreaded call , Poppy had bone cancer in her front leg, she was given 5-6 months to live. 

To cut a long story short, I gave Poppy Golden Paste(turmeric) & coconut every day. She lived for two more years. Her limp disappeared. But one day her nose started to bleed , it was secondary cancer. The bleeding became more frequent, I was scared she would choke on the blood.

This photo of Poppy in her bed was her last photo, that same day I held her head, told her I loved her and that I will miss her. She did not lay down while the vet put her to sleep, she stood proud, facing me , looking straight into my eyes, our eyes never left each other.

My poppy was gone. My shadow.

As you can see on Facebook I share a lot of pictures to help dogs get their forever homes. That's how I saw another "Poppie", in a terrible state, bought over to the UK after being rescued. A lady called Carmen in Romania went & fed her over three nights to get her to trust her. Poppie lived in a graveyard all on her own, in the snow, the wet, the cold. Carmen knew she had to save her, it was now or never. The dog catchers were out just up the road catching a male dog. They catch them & destroy them.

Poppie was taken to the vet. She had a rope embedded in her neck. Her skin was terrible. She was malnourished. She was fed, spayed, got her passport to come to Foster in the UK. The journey took 3 days in a truck.

She was fostered in Derbyshire by a lady called Michelle. I went to see her , it was a two hour drive.

I saw her eyes, her soul....I just had to have her, although I couldn't take her then. We paid the charity money for her that then goes to saving another dog. We brought Poppie home and she ran and jumped around with Daisy & Rosie. She loved it , it's like she truly knew this was home. She lays in the garden where my old Poppy used to lay.

I swear Poppy sent her to me . X

As the holidays approach, we embrace Poppie as well as the cherished memories of Poppy. Represented by doves on the tree, it is so important to continue to honor the relationship of those we have loved. Surrounded by the colors of the Rainbow on the holiday tree, this is the perfect example of how to move forward in faith and in love.  

God love the Poppies! 

Contributed by Michelle Risely
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