We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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So Do Pets Go to Heaven or Not?

 Dear Jack, 

I have been reading your books.  I saw something today that said God only loans our babies to us for a short time to enjoy on Earth.  Also, then, that they won't be in Heaven and we won't see them, again.  Thoughts?

Dear One, 

Thank you for reading the books, for they are the key to healing from your loss. 

People come from all walks of faith and all walks of life and belief. This person sounds like they have been convinced that animals don't go to Heaven. 

I have many thoughts on the topic. I've been to Heaven firsthand and Kate has been studying these things for 40+ years. We are currently writing an entire book on this very subject as we speak. 

It's mostly strict religious people (they can't help it, it's what they've been taught) who will tell you this kind of thing but there is much evidence to the contrary. Pets have souls just like you do. Pets have the Spirit of God in them, just like you do. That Spirit is what brings all of us back to God when it's time to leave this physical world. That Spirit is the love of God that joins each and every one of us together and Him to us... some are bonded more than others (known as soulmates)... God brings all of us Home when our work and learning on earth is completed. Life is the school, love is the lesson and we all "graduate" into the realm of Heaven.

We tell you all about how this happens in Book 3 ("Return from Rainbow Bridge") in my story that I write from Heaven - where I found I would have some very important decisions to make. 

Do keep reading. We are working to answer all these questions and remove all doubt from your mind. Believe! You will meet again one day. You'll see. 💗

Love, Jack 🐾