We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Lizard Chapter 22: It's All About Love

If a girl can look at a beat-up lizard and think that he is one of the most lovable and beautiful creatures on the planet, what does God and his angels see when they look at her?  If a seemingly-ordinary lizard can be worth many days of her time and her care, what does God want to do for her.  For all of us?  Lizards, sparrows, dogs, people, we are all loved.  We are all cherished.  We are all wanted.

And when it is our time to go, it is our time to go.  She had learned from me and from her father that to linger is not an answer.  To leave in one's prime is quite good.  As she looks at Mr. Lizard and wonders if, maybe tonight is the night when he will cross over, she knows it will be okay.  She knows that wherever he goes from here will be safer and warmer and kinder than surviving the cold-blooded planet he has called home.   

© 2015 Kate McGahan