We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
More Books Beyond Our Trilogy : We'll Be Filling All These Bookshelves!


About Our Books

No one would ever believe that a dog can heal someone's grief and even bring someone back into having faith in God again after pet loss, but Jack can. The books in the Jack McAfghan Trilogy are not "How To" books. They are true stories based on real events. Each book tells a different story with pearls of wisdom and morals in each chapter. Chapters are short and typefonts are large to allow the reader to process the lessons in each chapter.  

Book 1, "Reflections: A Dog's Memoir on Life and the Afterlife" makes it easy to heal your grief. Read along with Jack and Kate -- take a little walk together through the grief process -- and you will find that as Kate heals you will heal too. It's that simple. 

Book 2, "The Lizard from Rainbow Bridge" teaches you how to recognize signs and angels when they make themselves known in your life -- and also teaches the power and importance of love and forgiveness.

Book 3, "Return from Rainbow Bridge" revisits a bit of the grief and then opens your mind to the possibilities that exist on both sides of the Rainbow Bridge which connects those on earth with the ones they love on the Other Side, in Heaven. Each one of Jack's books has a happy ending.   

If you prefer a non-fiction Guide to Healing Pet Loss, Book 4 "Only Gone From Your Sight" will walk you through all the stages of grief and bring you out the other side of it. It is written as a love letter from your best friend to you about all facets of grief, loss and living again.  

Each book is carefully crafted to heal your heart, open your mind and teach you new ways of looking at life, love and loss.  Life is the school love is the lesson and Jack and Kate are your teachers in this Class of Love and learning to live with loss.  

All books are available on Amazon Worldwide in paperback, Kindle and always free on Kindle Unlimited. Printed copies are available through your favorite bookseller. Book 1, "Reflections" is also available in LARGE PRINT. We don't want anyone to miss out on the healing power of Jack!

Join Jack on a journey to Rainbow Bridge and back again. Heal your heart, learn to recognize the signs and strengthen your faith beyond anything you knew was possible.  Our story is your story too.  


How Do I Know When To Get Another Pet?

  How do you know when a new pet is right for you? Have you found one and are now agonizing over the decision? Agonizing over it probably means the time isn't right, or the pet isn't the right one. 

Remember that everything feels right when a new pet is right for you. You will be put in the right place at the right time. The process is smooth and easy. Sometimes the pet will come to you without your having to do anything.  You usually feel it in your heart when its right. The price is always right because you want that pet and you will pay the price. 

Read Chapter 4 in my book. Kate went through the same dilemma. There is nothing worse than regretting this kind of decision. Of course you will have the normal What If's and perhaps some fear of commitment but there will be an underlying confidence that this is the pet for you. 

Try not to be too stressed about it. There are many many pets available out there and there will always be another opportunity. The timing will always be right. Let your heart and soul lead you to the one that's meant for you. Let your heart lead the way...not your head... or what someone else thinks.

Thank you for wanting to love again. We love you the way we do so that you will miss the love when we are gone (from your sight) and so that you will seek it again. After all, love is what makes everything else worthwhile. 

Jack McAfghan: Reflections on Life with my Master can be found on Amazon Worldwide.