We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Never Hesitate to Make A New Friend

When Dale Carnegie was a child, he had a dog name Tippy.  Later, when he was all grown up, Carnegie reported that Tippy made more friends by being interested in others than people who go to great lengths to get other people interested in them. It is something our two-legged friends learn from us, if they are paying attention.

I was a Friend to All. We met a few new friends when we stopped to rest during a day in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My Tail. Always wagging. Why not? That's what a tail is designed to do. I have always been ready to make a new friend. Why not? You never know what someone will come to mean to you.

Making New Friends...
Posted by Jack McAfghan on Monday, November 11, 2013

Love At First Sight - "Jack McAfghan" Chapter 4

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's an excerpt from "Jack McAfghan: Reflections on Life with my Master" by Kate McGahan    
  She thought she knew what she wanted. She specifically came to see my little sister, but by the time she arrived my sister had been sold.
     “Oh…” she said as her face fell, obviously disappointed.
     My brothers hovered around her, climbing all over her and into her lap. One of them was so excited he scratched her face. I just watched them all, thinking how nice it would be to be with someone like her. I hung out in the background hoping she would notice me. The others were all quite unruly, competing for her attention. I think this is where I first learned that climbing all over someone doesn't necessarily make them want to be with you.
     It looked like she was going to take my little brother home. I was preparing myself for that. She was sitting on the ground and he was sitting in her lap, sleeping like a baby. Then she looked over at me for the first time and our eyes met. I could almost feel her heart touch mine. They say you fall in love in less than a second. I can verify that this is totally and utterly true.
     I was intoxicated by the feelings that I had for her, but something in my heart told me to remain calm. I retreated to my dingy little cardboard bed, turned around a few times and lay down. I rested my head on my front paws as a humble gesture and continued to steadily gaze at her. Waiting. Watching. Hoping. I tried to crawl into her mind with my thoughts so that she would want to take me home instead of my brother. I imagined the fun the two of us would have. I pictured us playing together, walking together and discovering life together. I found myself promising God that I would be a very good dog if only He would let her notice me and make her want to take me home. As she looked across the yard at me, I gently wagged my tail.
     She asked them about me.
     "Oh,” they said, “I don't think you want that one. He plays rough with the others. He almost killed one of the younger ones.”
I felt bad when they said that but she didn't seem bothered by it. She didn't seem bothered at all.
     “I kind of like him anyway, but…” she continued, “They say sometimes a dog picks you rather than you picking the dog." She gestured toward my brother in her lap and said, "Maybe this one is picking me. Maybe I'm supposed to take him?"
     Oh no, I said to her, you aren’t supposed to take him. You’re supposed to take me.
     All the while she was looking over at me instead of at the one in her lap. It made me feel special, the way she looked at me.
     The puppy mill lady went over to her, took my brother from out of her lap, and they continued talking. I couldn't understand what they were saying, but she kept looking over at me.
     "Well, guess what?" the puppy mill lady finally said, "It’s official. All this guy wants is a warm lap. I don't think he is choosing you at all."
     My heart did flip-flops! I lifted my head and looked at her in anticipation. Sure enough, she came right over to me and sat down at the edge of my cardboard bed.
     “May I sit with you?” she asked.
    Oh yes! I said, wagging my tail in welcome.
     "I think this is the one," she said.
     Oh I was so happy! I couldn't wait to go home with her! I didn't really like this place that was my first home.
    Then she took me completely by surprise. She went and left me there! She talked a little more to the puppy mill lady and the next thing I knew, she was leaving! She kept looking at me with a sweet look of longing even as she walked back through the gate and closed the latch. I put my head down again, accepting the fact that I might not have a forever home.

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