We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Not a Single Sparrow Can Fall...

"Not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it." 
(Matthew 10:29) 

The finches have been building their nest in the eaves of the roof. Today the female flew into the window and Kate found her, still alive. She ran to get a towel and she gently picked up the finch and held it close as a huge amount of heat escaped the tiny creature's body.  It happened the same way when I passed; a great heat went through Kate as I made my transition.  

Heat is energy manifest. The heat is the infinite life force energy that was leaving the bird as it's immortal spirit expanded out into the universe.  I have told you in my book and I will tell you again now: 

Heaven is not somewhere Up In The Clouds high in the sky. Heaven is all around you! The moment that bird took it's last breath, it's spirit left it, in the form of heat, and immediately went out into the Heaven that surrounds all things. This is why I am still here. We are all here, all around you.  
There is no Heaven UP THERE -- HEAVEN IS HERE, ALL AROUND!  

Kate held the bird, cupping her hands around its tiny body, holding it close to be sure that it knew that it was loved as it left. After all, we carry the last moments of life with us into the next one and it's very nice when the transition is made with love. 

Then Kate cried. It was like a Little Journey of Grief for her. She blamed herself because she feeds the birds and if the bird feeder hadn't been there, the finch might not have flown into the window at all. She thought of the nest and she cried as she watched the male finch with red breast flying back and forth at the eave of the roof. She told him what happened as tears rolled down her face. She wondered if there were eggs in the nest and she worried for them too.  She cried slow gentle tears for this tiny bird and it's mate. 

Then she took her little shovel and buried the finch in a soft hole underneath the tree in the side yard. She lined the hole with silken rose petals.  They too were dying and needed to know that they were loved. It's all about the love for every living thing.  

She returned to the scene where a tiny grey feather remained. She picked up the feather and tossed it onto the breeze.  
"Fly free, little girl!" 
The feather wafted and lifted and soon floated out of sight. 

This all happened on the same deck that I used to love. 
Lots of magic and love took place here and it will always hold the energy of these memories. 

I'll be meeting this little bird soon. I will love this bird forever because 
my master loved her and cared for her for just a few moments. We are all connected. I love my master, my master loves me and I will love this bird because she loved this bird.
And just you wait and see; this bird will love me!