We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Will Anyone Go Home With Kate and Joey?

While the girls hung out in the shade of the trucks, Kate and Joey went into the yard with Brian to meet the boys. Oh it was so much fun! So many beautiful high energy dogs. We met each and every one of them and they were each beautiful in their own way.

It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but one arrow points to Georgie and the other points to Immy. They are (ironically?) standing very close together on opposite sides of the fence. They were meant to be. Immy was supposed to be there to get Kate's attention. Kate was supposed to pick Immy instead. But Kate didn't even notice Immy.  

"This is Georgie." said Brian, introducing them. 
No. I kept saying. Not him. Not Georgie.  I said it the same way I said  No, not him about my brother when she came to the puppy mill to take one of us home. You don't want him. Look around. 

There's someone else who wants you.

Afghan Hound Heaven

Less than a mile away from Ma's Loma Cabin was Shining Mountain Afghans. The next morning, she and Joey drove over to meet Brian and his wife Laura and to see their Afghan Hound family. She had viewed many of the dogs on Brian's Facebook pages and it was exciting to think of them Coming to Life. She had seen the distant red farmhouse in photos but it was really fun to see it come into three dimensional view. With eighty acres of invisible fencing, it was bordered by the river with rolling hills and nature as far as the eye could see. It certainly seemed to be a slice of God's country.

But that was just the beginning. She pulled into the driveway and entered another world. She found herself in Afghan Hound Dog Heaven. 
The House and Welcoming Committee

Those beautiful girls! 

 Anybody else coming?

 I think these are Punkin, Sunshine, Cat and Immy

Arriving in Loma

They rode into town and checked into a little cabin at Ma's Loma Cafe.  It was small but it was perfect somehow. 
  It was a new freestanding cabin with a big wood pole bed.
This is Joey on the bed with our blankets and pillows. We always traveled with our own blankets and pillows for comfort and as a courtesy to the host.
There were other dogs in the yard outside.

Central Campus which was also home to the Loma Cafe Hounds
This guy was real sweet.

People will drive an hour from the city of Great Falls just to have dinner at Ma's. The breakfasts were great too, the coffee was free and she always took a side order of bacon back to the room for Joey. She learned by doing that for me.

There were lots of places nearby to explore like the sleepy little town, nearby sunlit farmlands, a path along the Marias River and even a yard full of buffalo roaming across the street.