We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Don't Go Getting Ideas: You Have to Walk Your Walk

"Why," you cry, "WHY? Why can't I come with you? I want to be there with you now!" So many people ask this of us. There is only one answer:

The Number One thing you need to remember is that depression and despair are part of the grief process. Even though you feel the pain will never end, it is temporary. With time and support, and reading my book "Reflections on Life with my Master" you will be guided out the other side of grief. Even though you will still miss us, you will not feel the intense pain you are feeling right now. If you try to come here sooner than you are supposed to, you will disrupt The Divine Plan. Do not interfere with it. Your arrival here is predestined, just as ours was. 

You can only cross the Rainbow Bridge when you have learned all the lessons you needed to learn in life on earth. The longer you live, the more you learn how to love. When you have learned to love (and be loved) enough, you will be granted admission. 

You are doing great. Keep going with the flow with the knowledge that we are watching you, loving you and waiting for you.