We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Postcard from Rainbow Bridge 🐾

I walk along the edge
Of the bridge of many hues,
The Rainbow Bridge which brought me Here
Where I behold the views

Of the one I hold most dear to me
The one who loves me so...
The one who gave my life to me,
The one who let me go.

You walk along the lonely streets 
Remembering our love
Not knowing I watch over 
From my roost in skies above.

A love like this can never die
It's Only Gone from Sight.
I watch over you, the one I love...
Protect you day and night.

And someday when your time has come
I'll make my way back Here
To welcome you with kisses
You, the one I hold so dear. 

-Kate McGahan

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Anonymous said...

Talk about a sign from my lil bear, I’ve seen this poem three times today in different places. It’s been over a year now since he passed and I still talk to him like he is right here next to me. I’ve dreamt of him, he was in heaven accompanied by two little girls with long hair. It was all white and he was up on a pedestal. I asked, “is this real, can I touch him?” The lil girl replied with a giggle “of course he’s real, pick him up.” I had previous dreams of him before and for months and months after he passed I would see him everywhere and in everything. But this dream, it was amazing. I picked him up and he ran all over me
Like he use to. I also talked to him one morning, I was so upset when his signs of being with me still were fading, I asked him for a huge sign that he was still here. On my walk to the store that morning, I watched a truck stop and I heard the door shut. As I walked up around the corner, a black pup popped his
Head up from out of a culvert. I said “hey pup” and he came running. He was emaciated and full of fleas. I scooped him up and walked home. His name is Ben. And he is so much like my lil bear. Things he does that is exactly the same even down to his left ankle flexing. Although bear was a yorkie pin and Ben is a black German Shepard. Anyhow I needed Ben as much as he needed me. And bear sent him or he is actually bear. Anyhow hope u enjoy my story.