We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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You Are Not Guilty - of Anything

I'm unhappy to see your Stoic grief.

After all, 

You can only heal what you can feel.

When you don't express, it stays trapped inside

With no way out. 

It turns into anger; it turns into guilt.

Do you love me? 

For if you do, if you really do, 


Love and guilt simply cannot coexist. 

Let your love rule and overcome the guilt that you think you have.

Don’t be afraid to feel,

 For only what you feel can you heal.

Don’t be afraid to cry for not all tears are evil.

I wait for your smile but I want you to cry;

Setting grief free brings you closer to me.

Don't you see? Don't you see?

Set it free. Set me free. 

Set us free.

     Love, Jack 🐾
(Rainbow Bridge representative)



Amy said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Heart felt. ❤️

Carla Anderson said...

Thank you Jack!❤

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jack❤️

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jack ❤️🌈

Anonymous said...

Thank you jack

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Jack

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jack. Love to you and all my pack with you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jack. Love to you & all my pack ❤🐾❤🎄