We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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When It's Our Time to Cross, Who Do You Run to First?

Dear Jack, 

When it's time for you to greet your family, do you go to the first ones or to the ones that rescued you and loved you till you went over the Rainbow Bridge?  I know it sounds crazy but I have asked a few people and no one gives an answer. All of them say, Don't worry about it. But don't you see... the rescued babies have two sets of parents. 
Thank you for listening. 


Dear Marie, 

It doesn't sound crazy at all. Thank you for asking this. 

We tend to gravitate to the ones whose love for us is the strongest. Think of love as a magnet: the stronger the love, the more powerful the force of connection. The magnet of love binds us together between life and afterlife and the same magnet draws us together when you cross the bridge. We are always together and we can never lose each other. 

Please realize that it is very rare for those we love to come over Rainbow Bridge at the same time. However, if you can imagine a group of friends coming to your house to visit and I was there to welcome them, I would greet everyone.... but there would be someone I would greet more enthusiastically than the others. That would be you. ♥
This kind of love never dies. 
That said, when we get to Heaven, (no matter who we are) we are All of us Love, so all those we have ever been connected to will be together there. In Love. You will find that there are no judgments. Even people you thought you hated upon the earth, you will see them and throw open your arms and celebrate seeing them again! You will understand clearly how all of life unfolded, the good reasons things happened as they did... and you will see that All Is Well. ♡
All Is Love Here

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