We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Just Shadows in this World

Do you think your life is real?  Most of the life you think you know is just an illusion. The only thing that's really Real is the love between the beings who live there. Love is the only thing that lives beyond the mortal existence you call "life".  

We are all just shadows in this earthly world; silhouettes of Who We Really Are. In this photo, you can see Kate and Me only because the sun shines from behind and casts our image on the wall. Whether the sun is there or whether it isn't, makes no difference. We are there just the same.

Remember this the next time you think that I am not there; that your loved one is not there. Once in a great while conditions are right and we can Come Through to reveal ourselves to you ... but no matter what, we are there beside you. Always. 



Unknown said...

I have seen the shadows and thought someone was there then when I look again it's gone. But the birds butterflies and dragonflies are really there I have seen them and I knew they were spirits from above. So many times I have called one of my dogs with me now by the name of the one who sent them ...... I see that as the shadow being a part of them so much and it makes me glad they came my way for a little while, <3 Zara

Kate McGahan said...
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Unknown said...

Dear Zara it makes us so happy when you realize how to connect with us. We find all kinds of creative ways to get our loved ones to "see" us, but so often they are so busy that they don't see. They are either too busy, or they simply don't Believe. Thank you for believing in us!!
Love, Jack