We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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When We Truly Love, We Love Everything --- And Want To Take Care Of Everything

You know how it goes in the human mind. You see something that upsets you. You start imagining everything. You can't seem to turn it off. 

She saw a man in the city yesterday near the main intersection. He was walking about ten steps ahead of his very old-looking pit bull. The dog could hardly lift it's feet off the hot pavement, perhaps was dehydrated. A worn leather leash dragged by its side while the sauntering man chewed and spit his tobacco onto the curb ahead. 

While sitting at the stoplight Kate watched the man. The dog. Kate started crying. She passed through that intersection three different times during the course of the day. Every time she did, she cried for that ragged old dog. She worried that he was not being treated with care. That he was not loved. And yet he was so loyal to keep following his master. Her mind took over and created the worst possible scenarios! Had he had any water? Were his paws burning up? Couldn't his owner even hold his leash? What happens in the privacy of their home? She cried well into the evening. You know how it goes with the human mind that wants to care for and protect every living creature that exists.  She did not know how to stop thinking about that poor dog.

Then....Then she picked up our book, the one we wrote together. She opened it to Chapter 92. She read it... and then Chapter 93. She went back to Chapter 37 and read about Rox, the Rottweiler. 

She isn't crying anymore.

She could have taken a photo of the dog. The man. But she had too much respect for the dog to do that.
This photo that looks quite similar -- but the dog is much younger and healthier.... This is what the old tired dog will look like by the time he returns to Rainbow Bridge.  

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Unknown said...

Jack this is so appropriate to me and I'm sure countless others. I'm so glad you are here to put things in perspective. Because of you, Kate knows the old dog will be fine. I love you, Jack..