We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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There's Much More to Life Than Meets the Eye

When you can't look into our eyes; when you cannot see us, you think we are not "alive".  You think that because you cannot see it, that it is not alive.... but that is not true.

One of Kate's friends has a little nephew 5 years old. He is what they call an "indigo child". He has an intuition and awareness that most others have abandoned along the way. Our friend was taking a walk with him one day and she made a funny comment to him that he must have eyes in the back of his head. He turned to her seriously and said, "No. I don't have eyes in the back of my head, but I have an extra eye here in the middle of my forehead." He pointed at it. "At night," he said, "when I no longer need my eyes to see, they close and the one in the middle opens so I can see the nighttime world around me."

There is more to life than meets the eye(s).  We are here; we are waiting for you to open that eye in the middle of your forehead so that you can see us. You can't see us if you don't believe.

Google "Third Eye" if you want to learn more.

"Some experts say that we decide the course our lives will take and the lessons we need to learn, long before we come to this planet. If that is indeed true, the knowing of it begins to leave us the moment we are born."
Jack McAfghan: Reflections on Life with my Master" Chapter 1
We spend our whole lives trying to remember what we forgot when we were children. This is another topic for another day.  

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