We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Reptiles are the oldest beings on the planet. He said he didn't know about alligators and crocs, but that lizards and snakes and others are very wise and are very old souls. They come back again and again and every time they do they learn more and they advance into higher consciousness. Lizard said he probably wouldn't be coming back to earth again. He felt he had reached his highest point and that is why he felt it was now or never to get his message out to others.  

Even Joey, Kate's other dog, an expert lizard hunter and lizard catching would calmly stand by in a vigil for lizard.  

Both of them seem to be frowning...
It had been almost two weeks with Kate. His destiny seems to have been fulfilled. He could have traveled to a house where they would come after him with broom and dustpan just to throw him in the garbage heap. He traveled, instead, to a place that was a safe haven, a house of respect, respite and kindness. 

Lizard Finds a Slice of Shade Atop the Rose Quartz Rock

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