We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Sedona to Salt Lake

This was an unexpectedly beautiful trip! MAPQUEST must have taken me the scenic route. Here are some of the stops along the way -- or shall I say some "point and click" moments...

This was on the highway heading north from Flagstaff to Page. So typical of the AZ landscape.

Not so typical once we get into the Page AZ area. Check out the rocky passes.

Mapquest routed me near St. George's Utah, and through Kanab. Then through Zion National Park -- the panoramic views were much more impressive than my camera could capture.
Wait!? Have I returned to Sedona so soon? No, this may be a red rock canyon, but it is the red rocks of Bryce Canyon.

The spires of Bryce Canyon
Tomorrow we go from Salt Lake City to Bend OR. Stay tuned!

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