We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Getting Acquainted With Mt. Shasta City

At the city park in Dunsmuir

This is not mine -- I found it online and thought it was beautiful!

This was the window of the little grocery store I stopped at to pick up a few things.
The prices were way better here than in Sedona!

Main Street

A restaurant with a good reputation.

Another peek at a beautiful peak!
Elevation 14,179 feet

After we went into town we came back to Dunsmuir, which is about six miles south of Mt.Shasta City. On the way out of Dunsmuir we saw a guy walking his dog.
On the way back into Dunsmuir we saw a guy jogging.
On the way out again we saw a guy riding his bike.
Every time he was the same guy! Weird!
Population in Dunsmuir is 2763.
We found the most wonderful City Park in Dunsmuir complete with Botanical Gardens. The Sacramento River runs through it and the trees grow HUGE! Here are some photos to show it:

Sacramento River

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