We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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From Oregon to California

Next stop, Roseburg Oregon...

The Veteran's Administration Medical Center Campus in Roseburg is BEAUTIFUL! Rose gardens, tennis courts and a golf course. The river runs through it and it seems to me the entire town is built around this campus. She submitted an application for employment just for the heck of it here, so the campus was our first stop.

Then a self-guided tour of the city of Roseburg. This was the historical district, but it was not revamped like other "historical" districts that I know. It is just plain OLD! A little depressed, but it just feels like Small Town America like so many other towns in the USA.

A few hours later we are approaching Mt. Shasta. Wow, could this be it???

Nope! There it is up ahead -- it took our breath away. 
And to think it is snow capped when it's 103 degrees down here!

The local cattle have a nice setting to graze in!

Snow in Summer.

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