We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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If you've read my book, you know about my friend Lizard. Our illustrated story will help you to learn how animal spirits and angels come into our lives. They are all around you, all the time! Who'd believe a lizard could be an angel too?

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Animal spirit guides and angels serve each and every one of us every day. Join Jack McAfghan as he shares the magical story of his friend Lizard, an unexpected angel who travels from Heaven to escort others over Rainbow Bridge and to comfort those left behind. In the style we have come to know and love, the canine Jack shares his wisdom and the power of unconditional love for all. His ultimate goal: to teach us to live Heaven on Earth. This true story is written for children of all ages. It hopes to bring to light the knowledge and faith that magic exists everywhere in the world and that the end of this life is not the end of life at all.



Unknown said...

I love this book and Mr.Lizard.
Jack McAfghan did another great job when he tell us all about his friend Lizard.
If you read Jacks first book you will remember Lizard as a loveble help to find the way over the rainbow bridge.
I learned new lessons about love and light and thank you Kate McGahan for writing Jacks words so beautyful.

Unknown said...
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