We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Michelle Has a Poppy and Then Finds Another Poppie from Another Woman Named Michelle

I got Poppy from a farm not far from me; from a really old couple who were farmers. Her mum, he herded sheep. They said "Don't go for the quiet pup at the back," but I did. I just loved her. We went back to get her two weeks later and bought her back home aged 8 weeks old.

She was a very destructive puppy, walked terrible on her lead, but when I took her into the fields, she was a different dog, she became my best friend, she understood the whistles I did. One whistle for stop, two to come back etc.  She grew into a dog that sat by me all day , if I went to the bathroom she would wait outside the door. She was my shadow.

At age 11 she developed a limp, I had it checked out, which disturbed her as she had to stay at the vets, because she fretted for me. I got the dreaded call , Poppy had bone cancer in her front leg, she was given 5-6 months to live. 

To cut a long story short, I gave Poppy Golden Paste(turmeric) & coconut every day. She lived for two more years. Her limp disappeared. But one day her nose started to bleed , it was secondary cancer. The bleeding became more frequent, I was scared she would choke on the blood.

This photo of Poppy in her bed was her last photo, that same day I held her head, told her I loved her and that I will miss her. She did not lay down while the vet put her to sleep, she stood proud, facing me , looking straight into my eyes, our eyes never left each other.

My poppy was gone. My shadow.

As you can see on Facebook I share a lot of pictures to help dogs get their forever homes. That's how I saw another "Poppie", in a terrible state, bought over to the UK after being rescued. A lady called Carmen in Romania went & fed her over three nights to get her to trust her. Poppie lived in a graveyard all on her own, in the snow, the wet, the cold. Carmen knew she had to save her, it was now or never. The dog catchers were out just up the road catching a male dog. They catch them & destroy them.

Poppie was taken to the vet. She had a rope embedded in her neck. Her skin was terrible. She was malnourished. She was fed, spayed, got her passport to come to Foster in the UK. The journey took 3 days in a truck.

She was fostered in Derbyshire by a lady called Michelle. I went to see her , it was a two hour drive.

I saw her eyes, her soul....I just had to have her, although I couldn't take her then. We paid the charity money for her that then goes to saving another dog. We brought Poppie home and she ran and jumped around with Daisy & Rosie. She loved it , it's like she truly knew this was home. She lays in the garden where my old Poppy used to lay.

I swear Poppy sent her to me . X

As the holidays approach, we embrace Poppie as well as the cherished memories of Poppy. Represented by doves on the tree, it is so important to continue to honor the relationship of those we have loved. Surrounded by the colors of the Rainbow on the holiday tree, this is the perfect example of how to move forward in faith and in love.  

God love the Poppies! 

Contributed by Michelle Risely
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