We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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No Matter What, I'm Always Near

During the first week when Kate brought me home, she was out working on the property. I was 12 weeks old. She was cleaning the easement in front of the house which was littered with construction debris from nearby homes. 
She worked so hard she didn't notice our front door slip open. All of a sudden she stopped, looked up, saw the door open, shivered and called,
 "Jack! Oh my God, Jack!!" 
She ran around the one acre yard like a crazy person! She looked all around, but she couldn't find me ANYWHERE. 
I guess she thought maybe I wandered off or ran away. Grady and I were just sitting quietly on the porch (just like I am in this photo above) the whole time, just watching her.
I reassured her from a very early age that she could always trust me to stay near.

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