We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Dear Jack: How to Explain What is a Dream? What is Life?

Dear Jack, 
I don't understand the quote that death is like waking up. 
Maybe I'm not ready. Please, if you can, try to explain it. 

Dear Ruth,  I will try to explain. 

When I passed, she went through horrible grief. You know all about it!  She was dysfunctional for nearly six months. Her father passed the same day I did, so it was complicated.  At the six month mark she scattered my ashes. She write poetry and prose and notes all the time, but after I passed, she didn't write anything at all. That day after she scattered my ashes, she went home and was staring at her blank notebook with her pen in hand. She asked me for help to start writing again. That night, with pen in hand, she wrote stuff like what you are trying to understand here. She did not understand any of it either as she was writing it, but when she read it back, she understood all of it. Now the question is, how do we explain the unexplainable to YOU? 

"Row row row your boat... life is but a dream." We are all dreamers and we will awaken to find out that we were just dreaming. It is very hard to get one's rational head around this stuff. As we move forward, I will try to find a way to better explain it. 

What is Real? Are your dreams real or is your life real?  

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