We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Dear Jack: 
That first year is the hardest. The first holidays without him, the first time I baked cookies and he was not there to taste test, his first birthday without him... it never stops hurting, but it will ease.  I am coming up on his "gotcha" day in September and I know that day will not be easy to get through, just like all the other 25ths of each month and all the firsts I now have to face. But I keep trying to remember his happiness. He does not miss me, I know. He is pain free and happy and enjoying Eternity in Heaven. One day he knows I will be with him again.  
A Facebook Friend

Dear Friend,
You are correct about so many things. Yes he is happy, free and enjoying Heaven. He does know that you will be together again. Where you are wrong is that he DOES miss you. It's just that us animals don't get hung up on the missing, the worrying, the needing, the Wanting What We Can't Have. We miss you and we simply know that we will meet again when the time is right. We trust the process and we don't worry about it...but the day we see you at the gate? The joy!! Yay! You just need to learn to trust it too!
Thank you for writing today. 

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