We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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Meeting the Family at Shining Mountain

Taz (L) and Georgie (R)
There was a two year old boy by the name of Georgie there who needed a home. They spent some time with this quiet, big, gentle soul. He was obedient, easy-going, a perfect gentleman. They went for a walk on the leash and he was easy to guide. Then they sat inside on the couch with him. He was calm and receptive to her touch; and so soft! He was a very very sweet boy. It seemed perfect somehow.... but somehow it wasn't. Kate didn't understand; she didn't know what was missing. 

The first little black pup she had seens was long gone; now living in Ohio. The little black sibling girls were all gone too. She had driven all these miles, all these hours...

"I love Georgie," she said to Brian, "and I wish I could tell you that he feels like the right dog to me..." She couldn't put a finger on it. 

You're supposed to have Immy; you're not meant to have Georgie. We're almost there. 

"Well," Brian replied, "there is one other girl that I'm willing to have you take a look at."  

Enter Immy. 

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