We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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One week in early March Spring broke through. The sun came out and warmed the earth and the trees. It awakened the birds and the bees. Buds started forming on branches and there were even blossoms on the peach trees. She had been healing little by little from the losses. She still had far to go. She wondered if Spring was awakening Lizard too.

It was a Friday night and she was in the mood to stay home, but she had to mail a package at the post office to go out by morning. She got into her car, drove to the post office, ran a couple more errands and returned home. As she drove up the road and approached the house she saw something light-colored on the blacktop ahead of her. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked herself. She jumped out of the car and examined what was lying on the road.  

It was Mr. Lizard. He wasn't moving. He wasn't squashed.  He hadn't been hit by a car. But he was injured somehow and had been crossing the road, heading right towards our house. He was only a few feet away from our driveway. She ran inside and got some cloths and tools.  She came back and pulled his webbed feet off the blacktop just as she had pulled them off the cinder blocks on the fireplace.

He wasn't moving at all. She studied him closely. He looked older. His scales and his body were intact but his eye looked like it had been pecked out by a bird or something. The left side of his face was caved in and had blood on it and he had blood all around the edges of his mouth. She knew enough about medical stuff that if they bleed this way they may have internal bleeding that is fatal. Her tears began to flow again. Losing him somehow brought back a lot of the pain and sadness of losing me and her father too.  

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