We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
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She Was Much Prettier Than Me!!!

Beautiful Grady
We did something very difficult this week. We had Grady put to sleep. It was a huge decision but she has been struggling for the past several years. Towards the end she was SOOOOO restless all the time -- wandering wandering wandering pacing, pacing, panting, standing still now and then saying, "What did I come in here for?" She couldn't hear, she couldn't see, her eyes would run and every time she turned around she be hitting her head on something else or was falling into the rosebeds at the front of the house. 

Best Buddies: Watching our House Being Built
When Kate made the decision on Friday to take her into the vet, she told her in advance.  She told her that we would be going on Tuesday. Kate was very kind and loving. I didn't really understand, but I was paying close attention. We had an absolutely horrendous Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. We all slept on the floor together Monday night and for the first time in many months Grady slept through the whole night, got up in the morning, stood at the door waiting to go out, went out and pee-ed, came in looking for breakfast, ate all of it, played with me and then Kate put in the car to take her over to the vet. It was a near-perfect 24 hours with her. I think it was her final gift to us.

Sweet Grady Makes the Most of her Final Day
Kate had the vet put her to sleep in the back seat of our car which had Grady's bed in it, all nice and comfy, and all of her favorite toys. Sun was streaming in the windows and the fresh air was circulating all around. I was beside her on one side; Kate was on the other. For being so difficult, it was really perfect. 

While she was a beautiful dog, Grady never looked more beautiful than she did when they lifted her out of the car and presented her to us for one final caress. She had had such pain and confusion on her face for so long and her eyes were always so runny and gooped up and when they lifted her out you would think she had just come from the Doggie Salon. She looked pure and clean and perfect, with the wind tossing her hair about. 

We did the right thing. Grady more than earned her way across the Rainbow Bridge simply by being the loving attentive friend that she was to us. We will miss her a lot, but we are "all better" now.

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